1. These columns must be filled by the parents in advance or when the students join again.

2.If a students remains absent fron school without any saction of leave for six days continuously of for six days in all during the month,his/her name struck off the rolls.The students may be readmitted after paying Rs 500/- as the re-admission fee.

3A. A leave up to three days per month shall be sanctioned by the class teacher but a leave for more than three days can only be granted by the Principal,that too,in advance.

3B. For Classes IX onwords:

If a students remains absent even for one day without any saction of leave from the class teacher, the school will enquire about the absence telephonically from the parents.

4. The absentees from classes VI to VIII shall be charged a fine of Rs.5/-per day whereas a fine Rs.10/-per day shall be charged from the absentees of classes IX onwords.

5. In case of any infectious disease, the parents must intimate the school and keep their ward at home till the danger of infection in over.

6. Extending leaves before/after each of the vacations without prior permission from the Principal,result into a fine of Rs. 20/- per day of absence (for classes IX to XII). Recurrence shall be dealt very seriously.

7.No students can miss writing Unit Test/Term Exam/Pre-Board per the fixed Date Sheet failing which he sall obtain no marks in that paper .In extra ordinary circumstances,the date of the Term Examination can be rescheduled by the Principal but that too,with a special fee of Rs. 100/- per subject.

8. For Classes X onwords:

The students remaining absent during the last week before the commencement of any Unit Test/Term Exam.(F.A./S.A.)/Pre-Board Exam.without prior permission from Principal shall lose 2/4 marks in the repective Unit Test/Term Exam.

9.Exclusively for classes X to XII:

During the months of January and February , no students can avail leave without prior permission fron the Principal.

10. If a students has been marked absent four times he/she shall not be allowed to sit in the class unless his/her parents come & see the Class teacher.


1.a) Fee must be paid by the 10th of every month.

    b) After 15th, it shall be collected upto 30th with an extra sum of Rs.10/-

    c) For the non-payment of fee max.upto 1 month, a fine of Rs 20/- per month shall be charged.

    d) In case of non-payment for more than 3 months, the name shall automatically be struck off  and the student may be re-admitted by paying Rs 500/- as the re-admission fee.

 2. Receipt must be obtained at the time of payment of fee.

 3. 30% fee concession is given to the 2nd and 3rd child of the same parents

 4. Fee once paid can not be refunded.

 5. Fee for the months of July and March shall be collected with the fee of June and February respectively.

 6.Examination fee shall be charged twice a year in September and February.

 7.Fee can be paid on all working days till 2.00 Pm.

                                                 FEE STRUCTURE